Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1

We are finally getting a look at the man Bloodshot was before he became Bloodshot. It’s something the character has always wanted to avoid. He didn’t want to know what he left behind because he knew he would never be that person again. This new series however is a prequel series that gives us a glimpse of the man he was.

Angelo Mortalli, one hit away from being a made man with the mafia, but the hit goes wrong and he’s arrested and ultimately agrees to join the Bloodshot program.  He survives the process of being injected with the Nanites and seems to be the ultimate success of the program, surviving whatever battle simulations they can put him through.


However as Rising Spirit (the secret organization that runs the Bloodshot Program), tries wipe out the memory of Angelo and replace it with their own fabricated memories, something goes wrong and Bloodshot snaps.

I’m extremely excited for this series, as it takes Bloodshot in a direction we haven’t seen before. Bloodshot seems to be having a bit of identity crisis. They are setting up a story that may require him to come to terms with the terrible man he was before the memory implants can take root. I love the idea of that and can’t wait to see more of it.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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