Shadowman #9

This issue picks up with Shadowman and Alyssa wandering around the Orkney Islands in Scotland looking for Sandria Darque and the bones of her brother. They are attempting to secure the bones so that they may be kept out of the hands of the Brethren who are trying to revive Master Darque.

Upon finding Sandria Darque’s tower, they are welcomed in and shown a room they can stay in until Sandria is ready to meet. They are suspicious of the warm welcome, but feel they have little choice, but to embrace it.

In the end it turns out this was little more than a ploy to convince Jack to give up the mantle of Shadowman. Alyssa is brainwashed and Jack must challenge Sandria in order to get her back.

We get a wonderful glimpse about the strange and unique world that is Sandria’s tower and as always the artwork is beautiful. What will happen to Jack and Alyssa will unfortunately have to wait for another issue, but this one sets the table for a fascinating story arc.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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