The Rookie Season 1 Episode 5: The Roundup – Review

Hello Crunchers! Last episode was a pretty serious bomb on Nolan’s life. The fear of how Lucy Chen will be viewed in the future if people found out about her relationship with Nolan eventually caused them to break up. So how did The Rookie handle his new relationship status? Let’s Crunch this!

Things are getting competitive this episode. The stakes are high for our both our Rookies and their training officers. Officer Bradford is an occasionally likeable bastard. It is no surprise that he is incredibly competitive. His character is this ambiguous jerk on the outside, but I think he has a very moral gooey center. This episode his character is accentuated which made the competitive nature of the episode more interesting.

Nolan is having a rough day on the job, as the premise is set the day after he and Officer Chen break up. The episode is laced with jealousy, poor decisions, and the fight against his own competitive nature in regard to John Nolan dealing with the latest loss in his life. I feel like a lot of other dramas would take the situation and make it ten times more dramatic than it would be in reality, but I like that the characters in the show act like adults (most of the time).

Officer Bishop is a character that I usually feel is riding around on a very pompous high horse. She has a very high focus the right reason for being a cop. It painted her character in a much better light, which is a very good thing. I didn’t really find her character to be particularly likeable, but it was definitely a change for at least one week. It showed that her character and Nolan’s actually have a fair amount in common in terms of what kind of cops they are.

The episode was probably my favorite one yet! On top of the things that I have already laid out, there was a cool scene where our Rookies and training officers show how hardcore they are while foiling a hostage situation. I would definitely recommend checking this one out Crunchers!

5 Out of 5 Couch Cushions!


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