The Flash Season 5 Episode 6: The Icicle Cometh – Review

Welcome Crunchers! The family drama got trimmed up this episode, but was it enough to give it a much needed quality boost? Let’s Crunch this!

Caitlyn’s investigation is finally turning up some results! The title of the episode is obviously foreshadowing. We learn some very significant things about Caitlyn’s life, the origin of Killer Frost, and why Killer Frost has been out of the picture for so long. Honestly, it seems like something a group of super geniuses should have figured out a long time ago, but here we are. It was great to see the story with Caitlyn finally progressing, but I was a little disappointed with where they took things. I would Caitlyn to have more than tragedy and forced body sharing going on at some point.

Thanks to Iris’ cliff jumping last episode, Nora suddenly thinks that Iris is pretty shway, which makes her want to work with her. As the hunt for Cicada continues, Nora maintains her streak (no pun intended) of putting her desire of spending time with a parent above the safety of others. What the shrap Nora? The two do end up working together for what was obviously going to end up being happy bonding times. It was somewhat cliché and it is a continuation of their obvious attempt to make Iris more likeable, which isn’t entirely a bad thing, but Nora is so off and on I hope they can make her a more consistently good character.

Dibny and Cecile help out with their own investigation. There is a feeble attempt to make Cecile seem super tough and intimidating. It’s really the only purpose of the scenes that she’s in and they are just kind of lame. Also, where is Joe lately? He pops on screen for mere seconds these days, like they are phasing him out or something. I hope they aren’t planning on killing him off, I kind of like his character and too many parents are dying. It would give the entirety of Team Flash tragic parent stories.

The episode was just ok overall. We once again see very little from Cicada which is unfortunate, but at least the episode wasn’t all about the West-Allen family drama. The little that we do see of Cicada is pretty awesome. Even though Nora’s obsession with spending time with her younger parents and the whole Cecile junk this episode were annoying, Caitlyn’s story makes up for it a little bit. Go check it out Crunchers!

3 Out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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