The Flash Season 5 Episode 5: All Doll’d Up – Review

Welcome back Crunchers! The Flash and friends are at it again. Last episode’s reveal about Iris suppressing Nora’s powers left a little bit of stink in the air. So how did the family drama turn out for our Scarlet Speedster and his very emotional wife? Let’s Crunch this!

Holy shrap! The drama is in “XS” (like excess but not cuz extra small is the name, but you get it right?).  All of the brattyness from Nora in the previous episodes and all of the worrying from Iris about getting to know the daughter that she really shouldn’t be getting to know because of “right, the timeline”, finally climaxed last episode and is now nestling itself deep in this one. It all really just feels drawn out to me at this point. Nora has obvious reasons for her feelings toward her parents, so it isn’t like she’s not justified for her frustration, but get all out in one, maybe two episodes! Then get back to making a story built around intriguing bad guys and overcoming insurmountable odds like superheroes should.

Cicada and the other minions this season aren’t getting enough attention. The minion this episode was pretty creepy, but he was wasn’t powerful enough to be a huge threat. They could have done some cool things with him, though It has unfortunately started being a recurring theme this season to introduce some cool bad guys/gals and then take them nowhere.

Caitlin Snow is still on the hunt for good ol’ pops. I like the relationship that is building between Dibny and Sherloque as a result, but they are still kind of competitive and at each other’s throats a little bit. I am hoping that they have a Step Brothers “did we just become best friends?” moment. Finding papa frost has been a fairly large part of the season so far, so it will be interesting to see where they take that part of the story.

Overall the episode was not the best. They need to drop some of the drama and start bringing up the suspense. There really is a good foundation from the early episodes of the season though, which is makes me hopeful for the future of the season.

3 Out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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