Titans S01E07 Asylum

Titans espisode 7 Asylum is successful in that it moves the needle a bit more for the overarching storyline. In Asylum we see the Titans face off against dark enemies when the team gets captured by the followers of Rachel’s father. Durimg capture, Dick is trapped in his mind, Kory and Gar experimented on and Rachel imprisoned in luxury not knowing how to help her friends.

We see the teenage immaturity come out in full force with Gar and Rachel and the never ending desire to protect from Dick and Kory. These four are an extremely interesting group with the teenagers and adults mixing together.

Despite Dick and Kory saying no, Rachel and Gar decide to find mother who is being held at a facility nearby. Dick and Kory quickly follow and all four are captured. It makes for a somewhat boring episode in some ways due to them being trapped the whole time. The payoff at the end is wonderful and moves the NightWing story ever closer which is highly entertaining.

While Asylum doesn’t thrill as much as others it was a solid story and a fun. A bit on the boring side at times, the action was riveting and the overarching story played out more this week. It leads us to wonder what will come next and I’m anxious to see next week’s show featuring the live action debut of Wonder Girl

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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