Demons of Punjab S11 Ep6 (Spoilers)

Doctor Who Series 11When Doctor Who first premiered in 1963, it was as a children’s show that the BBC wanted to use to teach history as the Doctor with his granddaughter and her teachers traveled through time.  The “Demons of the Punjab” is an example of the show trying to go back to its roots by taking us to 1947 with the split between India and Pakistan.

One of my biggest complaints during the Matt Smith era was how reliant the character had become on his sonic screwdriver (don’t get me started on sonic sunglasses).  Jodie Whittaker seems to have taken that dependence as a personal challenge, I don’t think that this new incarnation could do anything without it.  Much like Rian Johnson’s interpretation of the force in “The Last Jedi” it seems that the sonic can suddenly do things that it couldn’t do before.

In this episode, Yaz convinces the Doctor to take her back in time to see what her grandmother was like at her age.  When she is surprised that a grandmother who is her age doesn’t act like the woman she knows Graham reminds her that that person doesn’t exist yet.  Overall, this episode spent it’s precious time searching for an entertaining story to tell.  Which seems to be the theme for this season.

I give it 2 out of 5 cushions.

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