Titans S01E06 Jason Todd

Jason Todd made a brief appearance in the last episode but was a focal point this time around as you can guess by the episode name. With two Robins now out in the wild, Dick realizes how little he cares about the mantle of Robin and how much he wants to forget the past. The entire episode lends further credence to the idea that Nightwing is coming and sets up many great stories that I am sure are to come. 

***Mild Spoilers follow***

With a young Jason Todd coming to the rescue last episode, Dick and Jason start off on an interesting foot. Dick is proud, much like the man who trained him, and both resents being saves and that he has already been replaced. Even still the young detective wants to help Jason. Knowing how messed up he is from Bruce’s training and lifestyle, Dick knows the same will happen to Jason and tries his best to sway the new Robin away from the life of a vigilante and a life with Bruce Wayne.

Jason doesn’t take to the idea of leaving it all behind however and we quickly realize that Jason Todd is a nightmare of a person. Violent, immature, and brash Jason steals a drink, hits on the girl he stole it from, and picks a fight with the boyfriend of said girl all in less than 30 seconds. Later after stopping the “villain of the week” he brutally takes down a room full of cops and later notes that he knows Bruce wouldn’t agree with him doing so. Most people know what eventually happens to Jason but this is already really bad. I absolutely hate the character so far but I think that was the intent from the writing team.


Speaking of the villain of the week, we don’t get much character development and the motivation of the baddie is painfully generic. The only redeeming quality of the villain is that it gives us more insight into Dick’s past which was amazing. If it weren’t for the deep dive into some of the people from the circus, Dick’s parent’s death and more, this episode would have been much less entertaining.

The other Titans took a back seat this episode but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dick Grayson and Rachel have been the focal point of the show so far with the emphasis being more on Dick of the two. It was a bit disappointing to see so little of Rachel but it was necessary for the story and thus I accept it. Our heroes are still coming into their own and we are slowly but surely getting to know them well. Halfway through season 1 there is still much to learn and I am anxious to learn it.  We know little about Rachel’s father (though comic readers and DC fans already know who it is unless they change it for the show) or the mystery behind Kori. Considering how little we know, the show is likely to ramp up in a big way soon with the reveals. While this week’s showing wasn’t as good as some of its predecessors it was still a good time. Tune is next week for our review of episode 7 Asylum.


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