Titans S01E05 Together

In the fifth episode of DC’s first show on their streaming service, it proves that DC is on the right track. After a disappointing episode about the Doom Patrol Titans comes back swinging for the win. The story is on point, action outstanding and character building exactly what I wanted to see. The gang is finally all together and we get to see each of them get their turn for some action. A fun scene shows each member demonstrating their powers other than the leader Dick.

The crazy family is back with a new “dad” and they are on the hunt for Rachel. The Titans find themselves on the run and hole up in a run down motel to lay low and potentially avoid being discovered. Fortunately, for our viewing pleasure, the family ambushes the heroes leading to an outstanding action sequence. The choreography is far superior to some of the superhero shows on TV right now and flows in a natural way without overuse of shaky cam.

Without diving too deep into spoilers we know that Jason Todd makes his first appearance in this episode. Don’t get your hopes too high as it is only in the final moments that we meet the new Robin but it is worth the wait. With heart pounding action, great character development, and the promise of the clash of two Robins, this is the best episode of the show yet. The story continues to move forward with new discoveries each week. I personally cannot wait to see what the next outing for the Titans looks like. In the meantime, I have the pleasure of reviewing a great episode for my favorite Crunchers.


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