Titans S01E04Doom Patrol Review

DC’s Titans takes us on a new adventure in its fourth episode with an introduction to the Doom Patrol and arguably it’s worst episode yet which still manages to be a good time. These side characters in the DC universe are lesser known but fun to see on screen but unfortunately we don’t get to see them in action which is a huge let down.

The story focuses on Raven again as her and Beast Boy meet up following the events of episode 3. Beast Boy leades Rachel to his home where The Doom Patrol resides. Comprised of Beast Boy, Robotman, Negative Man and Rita, the group is led by Dr Niles Caulder, a scientist who saved them all from death but left them with powers or other consequences. It is here we learn that Beast Boy was created by Dr Caulder who saved him using a serem that gave the young man his powers. The lack of green skin is still a bit disappointment but it feels like they did it to avoid all the make up time.

Dick and Koriand’r search for Rachel during the entire episode but the bulk of the story resides with Rachel and the Doom Patrol. In the end, not a lot happens in this episode other than all the characters mixing together in some way for the first time and another demonstration of Rachel’s powers.

If the lackluster episode dsoe nothing else, it sets up the future of the ensemble and made me actually like Beast Boy a bit more. This live action version is a young kid and imature but not nearly as annoying as his cartoon counterparts. Titans is still the best DC show currently running but this episode was little better than a CW show this go around unfortunately

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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