The Rookie Season 1 Episode 3: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Review

Hidely ho Crunchers! Welcome to another review of The Rookie! This episode was pretty intense, but how did it go? Let’s Crunch this!

Tim Bradford’s wife drama continues heavily in this episode. It appears that this will become a big part of the show, but what direction it will take is yet to be seen. A lot of things are learned about his character and I really started to understand why he is the way that he is a lot more. I feel like the way that he reacts to each situation in the episode seemed to be a pretty realistic possibility for how someone in his shoes would react.

Lucy Chen is Bradford’s trainee, who is also put in some really tough situations having to deal with all of her trainer’s issues. I really find her character over the entirety of the season to be very down to earth and very like-able. She is the solid, “I can handle anything” type of girl that makes the right decision pretty much everywhere. However, she and John Nolan are super horrible about being discrete about their relationship, especially for being surrounded by people who are paid to make deductions about things all day.

Nolan and his training officer Talia Bishop have a pretty serious debate about human nature throughout the episode. The leads that they follow and the calls that they get accentuate the debate in a really interesting way. The results remained debatable. Whose side were you on Crunchers? Team Nolan or Team Bishop? I’m on Team Fillion all the way!

This episode was a very compelling one. However, this show is described as a dramedy, and there isn’t quite enough “medy” for my taste. Although, it is very well thought out and was very well cast. Hopefully there will be a little bit more focus on Nolan later on and his comical side will make at least a little bit more of an appearance. Great episode though Crunchers! Go check it out!


Four out of Five Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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