The Rookie Season 1 Episode 2: Crash Course Review

Welcome back Crunchers! The Rookie is neck deep in his new job and racing to figure it out. So how is our favorite mystery writer doing on the beat? Let’s Crunch this!

Some of the situations that John Nolan is finding himself in this episode are pretty crazy. It made me wonder when watching it if these were actual cop stories. They are pretty crazy, but I do have a buddy who is a firefighter and from the stories he has told me, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that these situations were in fact based on true stories. Nolan is really great at finding a way to handle people in these situations. Finding a way to connect with various people on different levels, seems to be his bread and butter.

Despite his interpersonal skills, Nolan still has his fair share of problems. His prejudice superior officer Sergeant Wade Grey is definitely still out to get him. His job constantly seems to be resting on the edge of a knife. Every mistake hits him hard, whether it was something he should feel bad about or not.

All of the recruits are starting to not only learn more about themselves but are finding out what kind of police officer they can be. Each one of them has their own personal crucible, that is forcing them to grow at fast rate. The suspense is created by the idea that some of them may not be able to keep up. I’m guessing that Nolan is going to be able to hack it though, otherwise there would be no more show.

The recruits aren’t the only ones being tested either. The training officers have their hands full as well. They are learning more and more that their success is highly dependent on the recruits. They have to find a balance of being hard enough on them to do their job but knowing when it is best to lend a hand so that they and the recruit can progress together.

This episode was solid. The thing that I am liking about the show is that the drama of the show is mostly created by the suspense of the job rather than by the ridiculous nonsense that people squabble over in many other dramas. There is still a little bit of nonsense, but it’s to be expected. Another noteworthy thing about the show is that the writers really seem to be putting a lot of thought into what the officers are running into on a daily basis. It really makes each encounter unique and enjoyable to watch. Like I said, it was a solid episode Crunchers! Go check it out!

Four out of Five Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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