The Flash Season 5 Episode 4: News Flash Review

This just in Crunchers! Episode 4 this season brings us quite possibly the most psycho news reporter of all time! If you think that they are bad in real life, just be glad they aren’t metas. A lot happens this episode so. . . let’s Crunch this!

Drama between Iris and Nora are at an all-time high. Nora has been a very bratty little child to her mother and it is no surprise that it wasn’t going to last long without an explanation. Fires need to be put out all over the place. The incredible news is that Iris actually made me laugh this past week. “I’m gonna make you a banana!”.

Dibny’s character continues to be so much better this season! The actor has stepped up his game, but it’s probably a lot easier considering that his character’s content has turned from an only occasionally funny self-deprecating dummy to pretty decent detective who’s finally starting to get what Team Flash is all about. He works with Sherloque investigating Cicada and surprisingly shows that he can actually investigate.

The minion this week didn’t get nearly enough screen time but was super creepy. With her powers, she could have been a much more menacing villain. I really hope that we get to see more of her. As it stands, it seems like she was just there to make us aware of Nora’s sexual orientation and to show Team Flash what new potential threats await them.

I was a little bit disappointed this episode. The family drama is starting to get a tad drawn-out and there’s not enough fighting baddies. There are some good things about the episode though. The minion was a pretty decent one, Sherloque and Dibny were a good team, and Iris is becoming less annoying (which is huge!). So, it wasn’t the best episode but wasn’t the worst either, and you do learn some important details about the season. That being said, go check it out Crunchers!


Three out of Five Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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