Faith Dreamside #2

The second issue in Faith’s most recent adventure is very exciting. Faith and Monica Jim aka Animalia have to sneak onto a studio lot in order to meet Dr. Mirage after a tv interview.  They are able to convince Dr Mirage to hear them out and end up back at her hotel.

Monica Jim explains the spirits that have been visiting her at night, spirits of the friends she’d lost.  Dr. Mirage and her ghost husband, Hwen, are intrigued and ask Faith and Monica Jim to stay the night so they can investigate.  Dr. Mirage reveals that the things being described by the young girl do not sound like traditional spirits. She questions whether maybe the girl is just overcome by guilt and seeing things. Dr. Mirage is proven wrong that very night and her and Faith are forced to travel to the Deadside in search of Monica Jim’s soul.

The stakes are raised big time in this issue for our characters and not just on the surface either.  This issue delves deeper into the hurt and loss felt by Monica and how that must be affecting her. It explores Faith’s insecurities about herself as a hero and forces Dr. Mirage to trust them despite the fact that both are technically wanted criminals.

Valiant once again knocks it out of the park with the Faith character and smartly takes her out of her normal element. The artwork and writing are both on point and I’m very excited to see how this story works itself out.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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