Doctor Who S11 Ep4 “Arachnids in the UK” Review (Spoilers)


The Doctor and her friends finally make it back to their time on Earth, in a new record the Doctor actually almost gets the timing just right.  The beginning of the episode is emotional as Graham has to deal with the reality of returning home for the first time since his wife (and Ryan’s Grandmother) was killed in the first episode.

The spiders in the UK are growing larger and larger, with the center being a new resort in Sheffield owned by a man named Jack Robertson (played by Chris Noth).  As the Doctor and her companions work to understand where the spiders are coming from and what they want.  The writer Chris Chibnall seems to have watched too many comic book movies in that the big reveal is that the hotel is built on top of an old cold mine which has been filled with toxic waste which has in turn mutated the spiders.

Despite the toxic waste is bad plot, the biggest problem with the episode is Jodie Whittaker (once again), at the beginning of this episode she portrays the Doctor as pouty and sad at the prospect of her time with the 3 new companions ending.  Of course at the end, they decide to stay with the Doctor, and I am willing to give the benefit to the Doctor after her dire warning of the danger of staying with her, after losing so many companions over the years (especially the guilt over Bill).  I keep trying to give Jodie the benefit of the doubt but the longer I wait, the worse her performances seem to get.

I only give Arachnids in the UK 2 out of 5 cushions

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