Titans S01E03: Origins Review

Titans continues to impress in it’s third episode and contains at least a little from each team member this go around. In the first two episodes of the season, we saw each character but never all in the same episode. This time around we get a small glimpse of all with the focus remaining on Raven as usual. Anna Diop returns playing Koriand’r in search of Rachel. Her memory still in pieces, the character stops at nothing to get to the young girl.

***Spoilers for episode 2 Hawk and Dove and slight spoilers for this episode follow***

With the events of the last episode behind us it leaves Rachel and Dick separated, leaving plenty of space for Koriand’r to enter the landscape. The collision between Dick, Rachel and Koriand’r is fascinating. I’m sad to see that Anna Diop is still wearing the same old rags as episode 1 but the character herself is still interesting and mysterious. Her memory is gone which leaves Dick with some trust issues as far as Koriand’r is concerned. The overprotective detective knows the dark side of the world having fought against it for years and must come to an understanding with Koriand’r for the better good of Rachel.

Rachel and Koriand’r in Season 1 Episode 3 Origins

The story brings us back to Rachel’s old home, a Catholic church where she and her “mother” lived with the Nuns. Knowing a bit about Raven’s backstory, I found the interactions between the Nuns and Rachel to be fascinating. Things didn’t quite add up upon their arrival and it was delightful to see where it went. Personally I found the end result between Rachel and the nuns to be predictable but that may just be due to my knowledge of the backstory. Rachel’s father, for instance, is referenced though no one will say who he is. These references tell a story to those who know even a little about the character and thus led to some predictable moments.

Beast boy makes a small appearance when Rachel is playing pin ball at the arcade. We get to see how much of a kid his character is as he helps her get a higher score at the game. His interactions with the team pretty much stop and end there but it was nice to see a bit of him. To be honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about that character. In the cartoons he is so absurdly obnoxious that I am happy he’s had a small role to play yet the show hasn’t really let me down yet so I am anxious to see where the writers take him.

Dick is brooding and Batmanesque as ever and a lot of this episode gives us his backstory. I am more and more surprised by how relatable the character is and how enjoyable it is too see a good live action version of Robin. My hopes are high that he transitions to be Nightwing by the end of the season but the development and writing are superb so far. Dick’s story of coming into the Wayne household and his struggle being a foster child resonates deeply with me due to my background as a foster parent. The actions Dick takes in the story are precisely the types of things that can be seen in true foster relationships. It made for a grounded and relatable tale which seems to be the goal of this show so far. Yes, there are heroes and the ability to not be hit by bullets as often as they should be but this story has been quite grounded so far compared to other series in the genre.


Titans episode 3 brings a lot of amazing character development for Dick, Koriand’r and Rachel while also giving us a little more of Beast Boy, Dawn and Hank. It’s enough to help us know that they are all connected but not so much that it’s overwhelming. Rachel and nuns arc is a bit too predictable but it led to a great payoff, reveal and a demonstration of Raven’s abilities. I get the feeling that we are just scratching the surface with where Titans is going as far as Raven’s abilities are concerned and it has me extremely pumped for more. I wish I could watch the next episode right now but admit the week to week format is leaving me wanting more in a good way. DC’s streaming service is off to a great start with Titans and I hope to see more like this soon.


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