The Ghost Monument Review (Spoilers)

“The Ghost Monument” is the second outing for Jodie Whittaker’s 13thDoctor and while I am still waiting for her performance to improve, those of her three companions is once again outstanding.  Graham, Ryan and Yaz have almost immediately developed a deep chemistry that makes the viewer more vested in their personal and group stories. Warning, spoilers ahead…


“The Ghost Monument” begins where “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” left us the prior week, with the Doctor and her companions floating in space.  Picked up by two different spaceships who are on their way to race on an abandoned planet where the reward is salvation.  After coming together as a team they eventually reach the end of the race and force a tie for the first time in the history of the race.

The episodes ends with the reveal that the Tardis itself is “The Ghost Monument” and the new control room is finally revealed.  The new control room is a throw back to 10 and 11, with the new addition of a pop tart dispenser.  While she still delivers lines that the Doctor would give, I have a hard time with her performance.  I am hopeful that I will warm to her as the Doctor.

Four out of Five Cushions!!!


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