The Flash Season 5 Episode 3: The Death of Vibe Review

Welcome back Crunchers! It’s time to talk about Team Flash taking on a dude that sounds like bugs. Cicada is actually turning out to be a pretty cool villain. His little lightning bolt dagger thing has all kinds of hidden tricks that we get a glimpse of this episode, and it will be interesting to see what else this guy can do as the season progresses. Needless to say, Cicada has Team Flash up against the ropes, but how fun was it was it watching the team getting pummeled? Let’s Crunch this!

The ominous name for this episode definitely had my eyebrows raised before watching it. This might get some tears swelling up in some of your eyes, but maybe not! No spoilers here! Whatever happens though, Cisco does play a major role in this one, which I think is always good for the show with him being one of the best characters in my opinion. Let’s just hope it’s not the last time we see him in action.

Now would it be a proper season of The Flash if at least one form of Harrison Wells didn’t show up? This episode hails not one, but two of our favorite super genius to aid Team Flash in their time of need. However, after this current episode, I do have to use the term super genius loosely as one of them did indicate that they thought Iris was intelligent. . . Either that or they were really just insulting Nora, but I think it was the former. In spite of that, I do generally enjoy most iterations of Wells and this one was not an exception

Nora is really stepping it up and not only becoming a more integral part of the team, but is becoming the character that I initially saw her having the potential for. Although I honestly thought that the CW was going to botch it up. Yet, it is fairly counter intuitive that everyone keeps talking about how guilty she feels about messing up the timeline so much as well as how the longer she stays the more jacked up it’s becoming, and still she stays.

Ralph Dibny and Caitlyn Snow are still on their crusade to find Killer Frost and learn the secrets behind the really sketchy circumstances of Caitlyn’s dad’s death. The only thing sketchier than her dad’s death is probably her mom. She’s been sketchy in the past and just turns it up a notch this episode. You watch it and just think “how did such a wack job of a mom raise Caitlyn?”. Luckily this season, Dibny is starting to be less of a bumbling idiot and more of an actual helpful cool dude, making him have a decent dynamic with the brainy Caitlyn of all people. I’m thinking those two are going to get together in the near (or near-ish at least) future.

I have to say that there were some pretty nifty fight sequences this episode. I’m really liking seeing Cicada in action, and his character got even creepier too which is pretty shway. That being said, Team Flash is being really dumb about how to go about fighting him. They know that they are going to lose their powers while in his proximity, yet they constantly rush in to fight him with nothing. Cisco has made some pretty amazing gadgets, including some awesome guns in the past. Why are they not armed with something? For that matter, why does Joe not have a spare gun in the house? I know The Flash has one of those don’t kill anybody for any reason rules, but shoot why not bring some stun guns of some magnificent kind that Cisco whips up? Or do something other than trying to beat up some guy without your powers, when he obviously knows how to fight way better than you and can whip around this crazy dagger like it’s Mjolnir.

Overall, this was a really solid episode. I really felt that even though this season has been decent so far, it has been a little bit slow. This episode picks up the pace a little bit and for the most part showcases our heroes and our villain in a good way (well the villain in a bad but good way). Go check it out Crunchers!

Four out of Five Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!


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