Shadowman #8 (New Arc)

Shadowman has consistently been one of the better series in the Valiant universe. It shines a light on a different culture and a different world than we usually get to see in comics. It follows Jack Boniface, a man who is bound to the shadow Loa, a voodoo spirit. He harnesses the power of the Loa to become Shadowman who can travel freely between our world of the living and the deadside.

The previous story arc followed Jack’s soul has he drifted back in time seeing how the previous Shadowmen lived and worked and finding a deeper understanding of the Loa itself. He returns to the loving arms of his girlfriend and one time protector. She was a member of the group known as the abettors, sworn to protect the Shadowman.

This new arc sees a number of abettors we’ve seen in previous storylines killed by their rival group the Brethren. This sparks a dangerous adventure for the Shadowman.  This issue establishes very high stakes for our heroes and promises an exciting journey. This issue continues Shadowman’s run as one of Valiant’s most beautiful titles.  Very detailed and textured artwork brings this world to life in a very exciting way.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!



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