XO Manowar #20

XO Manowar picks up where he left off in the last issue, challenging strange intergalactic interlopers physically in hopes of protecting Earth.  He soon learns his armor has little effect on these people. However Capshaw has her rifle which is quite effective and she manages to use a bit of diplomacy after a show of power.

They come to find out that these aliens have come to earth in search of their leader’s kidnapped wife. The kidnapper is a man familiar to Capshaw and XO due to their relationship with Divinity (see the Divinity title).  This man’s name is David Camp the leader of a cult that grew out of the emergence of Divinity and his ability to make dreams come true. XO and the alien leader, Atom, set off to New Eden, the home of Camp’s cult in the heart of the Australian outback. There they find Atom’s wife and their words fall on deaf ears.

Matt Kindt’s run on XO Manowar has been brilliant so far, which is not shocking as he’s also the writer who brought us Divinity and Eternity, among other Valiant titles. The idea to bring the Eternity and XO Manowar universes together was inspired especially after spending a number of issues showing XO on an alien planet. The artwork is again very good and the characters are fleshed out a bit more in this issue adding quite a bit to the story that began last issue.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!



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