Titans S01EO2: Hawk and Dove Review

Welcome to another Titans review. This one is a bit late but it doesn’t change the verdict. Hawk (Hank) and Dove (Dawn) are some of the best characters to be introduced in a superhero show for some time. Hank was especially interesting with the way he showed his love for Dawn and his witty personality. The first few minutes of the episode truly set the stage and tone for what was to come. Brutal fighters and love birds, Hawk and Dove are on a journey to end their vigilante life and move on to greener pastures. After years of being together they are ready to move on and life a more tranquil life. 

***Mild spoilers follow***

On the eve of their last job however, Dick Grayson comes to town along with Rachel. Using her powers, Rachel discerns that Dick and Dawn were in a relationship in the past. Hank is clearly aware and still holds it against the boy wonder. Dick, Hank and Dawn all have a past together fighting crime back when Robin was still fighting alongside Batman. Their history is unknown but it is apparent that it’s complicated. Dawn and Dick were clearly in love and very serious to where Hank still thinks of him as a threat.

The acting by all in the episode is stellar with Hank being played by the same man (Alan Ritchson) who played the role of Aquaman on Smallville. Actor Alan Ritchson is back with DC once again and better than ever. The character of Hank AKA Hawk is funny, charming, jealous, strong willed, hot-headed and gentle all in one. He is the type of character that I gravitate towards. Flawed, yet still good inside.


Dawn is a great character as well. She is much more evenly tempered and reasonable than her counterpart and yet there is a certain joy that she gets from beating bad guys to a pulp. Her and Hawk’s costumes are silly but translate well to this live action world that seems to be set more in reality. Dawn is grounded in her love for Hank and her determination to do good which is why her relationship with Rachel is so interesting in this episode. Rachel gives off all the teenage girl vibes that you would expect and Dawn knows exactly how to handle it. Seeing how well her and Dawn get a long and Dick’s confusion is quite fun.

Speaking of Dick, we get to see more from his character. His extreme measures are back once again and we see that he knows it is wrong. It’s unclear how much longer this story arch will last but it has been intriguing and entertaining so far. The character is deeply rooted in a sense of justice and a desire to help others. Having left work to help get Rachel to safely, Dick is not as bad as he seems to think he is. The actor shows how tortured the character is and how he still hasn’t healed from his spat with Batman and losing his parents. It’s a story arc we are extremely familiar with but it is done well.


Titans episode 2 demonstrates once again that DC isn’t completely clueless. I am amazed at how great this show is. Not perfect by any means but the acting is outstanding, story exceptional, action sequences blood pumping fun and the overall premise a lot of fun. The villains that arrive in this episode are terrifying but a underwhelming likely due to lack of screen time. Luckily it doesn’t bring down an otherwise exceptional episode.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!



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