The Flash Season 5 Episode 2: Blocked Review

Another Flash review? No Shway! Or . . . Schway? Did I use that Right? Who knows?! Welcome back Crunchers! Another episode of The Flash gives us another opportunity to judge how our heroes did! Let’s Crunch this!

I’m happy to announce that Nora wasn’t nearly as annoying this episode! She still has her quirks, like showing up unannounced without any thought about how her presence might have a negative effect on those around her. There is some potential for her to grow out of that though, and then her character could really be very likeable.

Cisco is still very sad about his break up with Gypsy, but aren’t we all? I’m a big fan of Gypsy, and I hope she makes a return to the show at some point. In the meantime, a significant amount of screen time is spent wallowing over her, but not without the good vibes for those needing to get over recent heartbreak.

Every season of The Flash has little mini villains that fill in the episodes that the main villain either isn’t in, or just isn’t shown much that week. I call them minions. This week’s minion has some cool powers, but the character was unfortunately not super compelling.  The Flash should also have beaten her easily, but it seems that whenever there is someone learning how to use their powers, The Flash is suddenly way less awesome than he normally is so that the novice can take the reins. Hurry up and learn your powers please Nora.

We get to see a little bit more about the main villain this episode and he seems pretty awesome. They did a good job making him seem imposing and building up a sense of desperation. At the same time, some more questions get raised about his origin that should prove to be fairly interesting.

Overall this was a decent episode, but a little bit slow moving. However, the events of this episode did create some intrigue for what is to come.

Four out of Five Couch Cushions!


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