The Rookie Season 1 episode 1: Pilot Review

It’s review time Crunchers! Everyone’s favorite space cowboy has a new show! Nathan Fillion stars as a man named John Nolan joining the police force at the age of 40, in the new series The Rookie. Nathan Fillion is most known for his roles in Firefly and Castle, where he plays a hero that can get down to business, but also has a humorous side. If you are a fan of his work like I am, then you have probably been looking forward to this new series, but how did the first episode fare? Let’s Crunch this!

John Nolan is a man that is at a crossroad in his life. His story starts off as one that is highly familiar. A middle-aged man trying to reinvent himself and find a new direction after certain things in his life have taken a turn for the worse. However, after he handles himself well in a traumatic experience, he sets his sights on becoming someone who protects others, by joining the LAPD.

The show skips over the police academy portion of things and jumps to his first day on the force. He and the other new recruits team up with their training officers for their first day. Needless to say, they had a pretty crazy day. On top of the training officers being tough, Nolan has to do deal with some prejudice. Being new on the job is hard enough, without the scrutiny that he’s under and time will tell how well he can handle it.

Fillion is up to his usual shenanigans and often keeps things light with his sense of humor, even in tough situations. This first episode does a great job setting the tone for the rest of the season. Considering the number of characters that were introduced, they managed the time so that each major character had time for development, creating an emotional connection between the characters and the audience. They each have their issues and/or challenges that so far make it look like the show will be interesting.

The show is primarily a drama and I am not usually someone who is really in to dramas so much, but I actually really enjoyed the first episode and I am excited to see where the season takes us. The characters are interesting, and all have their own backgrounds that drive the story. On top of that all of the acting was very well done. Sometimes I have a hard time with dramas, not only because the content is not believable, but the acting isn’t great either. This show is obviously exaggerated, but all of the performances thus far have been really well done.

All in all I think this was a great start and I recommend checking it out Crunchers!

Four Out of Five Cushions and a Throw Pillow


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