The Spiritual Identity of Daredevil

I just finished the first episode of Daredevil Season 3 and found the season opener to be very interesting. It dealt with themes that have been throughout the first 2 seasons of the character but amped them up in a wonderful way.

Spoilers for Daredevil Season 3 Episode 1 follow.

Matt Murdock in the Netflix series has always been a spiritual character. His frequent visits to confession are just one way that he shows this background. The priest and Matt developed a dynamic relationship over the course of the show that paid off in the season premiere. We know from Defenders that Matt ends up near death and back at the monastery. This is where the season starts off and it leads to a spiritual journey for the character that I wasn’t expecting.


Near the beginning of the episode, Matt is extremely depressed and ready to give up hope. Elektra is dead (as far as we know), his body in ruins and his powers crippled as a result. He has abandoned his faith in God and finds himself in the depths of despair. This type of behavior is extremely relatable. Countless people can relate with the idea that their life is in shambles and they look to place blame. For a religious person, they blame their Deity, for others they blame their job, government, circumstances and more. Matt is experiencing emotions that countless others have and it was delightful to watch.

Sister Maggie, played by Joanne Whalley , is a new character who was one of the Nuns who took care of Matt when he was a child. This nun cares deeply for Matt and has an attitude that makes me want to see much more of her character. This is a nun who says things like “sounds like he needs to get laid” and swears. She has the stereotype of a hardened women in the sisterhood but she brings  a “rebellious” that makes her unique. Her love for Matt is unwavering and she cares for him as if she were his mother. She listens as he berates God and laments about his life. Even still she tries to invite him to mass, give him a crucifix and bring him back to his faith. Matt resists her however it is clear that he respects her and is coming back around to his faith.


This episode was surprising in its handling of this subject matter. It wasn’t controversial, it wasn’t pushing an agenda. Religion and politics are touchy subjects and Daredevil approached it respectfully. Since Catholicism is a part of Matt Murdock’s core character, the episode handled it perfectly. I look forward to watching the remainder of the season.

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