The Flash Season 5 Episode 1: Nora Review

Welcome back Crunchers! The Flash has a new season, but don’t worry folks, he still has the same timeline to meddle with. Last season introduced the mysterious time traveler that was showing up randomly at important events in Barry’s life. Barry unfortunately ends up staying with Iris long enough to have a baby with her, and our time traveler Nora West-Allen was the result. She showed up at the end of the episode of last season, announcing that she is their daughter and she made a big mistake with the timeline. So how does this news impact Team Flash? Let’s Crunch this!

The team of course jumps into action to help Nora solve her problem. Along the way, Nora can’t stop spouting stuff out about the future, and forgetting that the things she says and does can mess up the timeline. Saying things like “right, the timeline”, happens more than once. We quickly come to learn that she inherited carelessness for maintaining the timeline from Barry and her intelligence (or the lack thereof) from Iris, even though she’s supposed to be this genius forensic scientist. She is not nearly as bad of a character as Iris thus far though honestly. Mainly because she still has a spunky personality that makes her a little bit more likeable. Hopefully her character improves throughout the season.

As for the rest of Team Flash, Cisco and Dibny are the highlights of the episode. They finally seem to be becoming a little more chummy, which is good, because the comic relief characters being at each other’s throats all of the time was getting a little bit old. Iris is trying to connect with Nora (once again no regard for the timeline) but is getting the cold shoulder. Nora is the kind of character that gets super excited about anything that she even finds mildly interesting, so her lack of interest in Iris leaves you wondering what’s going on there.

Barry is trying to be a better Flash and not disrupt the timeline, but we all know it’s always a little bit too tempting for him. Barry being the hero, is always doomed to have crappy things happen in his life that he has to overcome. It’s kind of the nature of heroes, but in previous seasons, it seems like he would just whine about every little thing. This season, it seems like he actually has an appropriate reaction to some of the things that he is going to have to tackle, which is a nice change of pace.

The season’s villain is only seen for a moment. That being said, the episode overall was basically just building up character development and introducing Nora into Team Flash. My disappointment in Nora’s character made the episode a little bit of a downer, but we do learn some interesting things about the future and we are left with some questions, leaving the desire to see the next episodes. Go check it out Crunchers!

3 Out of 5 Couch Cushions!



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