Titans S01E01: Titans Review

When I saw the trailers for DC’s first original show, I admit I declared a resounding FLUB. I thought it was going to be absolutely terrible. I’m glad to have been proven wrong. Titans tells the story of 4 heroes in Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. The first episode explores the first three heroes fairly evenly but don’t expect much from Beast Boy. His involvement was next to none which was ok with me as the story developed great without him.

The trailers led us to believe this would be a gritty take on the DC characters and it certainly was but not over the top. Those concerned about Robin’s brutality…time will tell but I think he is truer to the original character then we were led to believe. Dick is exceptionally ruthless in this episode and takes out his foes with more brutality than I think he should however, the redeeming fact here is that Dick knows it and wants to improve.

Brenton Thwaites as Detective Dick Grayson

My personal theory is that Robin isn’t going to be around long. Rather, Nightwing is going to come into the picture and become his new alter ego as Dick wants to seperate himself from Batman but still be a vigilante.

Starfire was MUCH better than anticipated. The “street walker” look many complained about (myself included) makes perfect sense in the story and is likely to be gone early on in the season based on how the story is unfolding. Actress Anna Diop brings such humanity and wonder to the role that it leaves me eager to see more. Her part in this group should be interesting and a lot of fun to see evolve.

Anna Diop as Starfire in DC’s Titans

Raven always looked good to me from the trailers and I ended up liking it in the finished product. It’s different than what you see in some of the animated movies but this is also the origin of the character rather than something already established. Raven AKA Rachel Roth is a young girl experiencing nightmares and a voice inside her head telling her what to do. It warns of danger, expresses desire to inflict violence and occasionally manifests itself in other ways. Rachel begins the episode with some side characters who don’t have nearly enough screen time to be as impactful as they should. This is a big disappointment for an otherwise strong start.  Despite this I’m excited to see what comes in future episodes.

Beast Boy arrives in the final moments of the show not giving enough time to formulate a real opinion. The CGI was lackluster but still passable considering this is a TV series and not a massive blockbuster film. The character hasn’t been explored much so far but started off on the right foot with what little we got.

Ultiamtely Titans is much better than expected. The acting, story, action, and direction are all massively better than the abismal marketing let on. Dick Grayson seems truer to character than we were led to believe, Starfire isn’t a train wreck like previously believed and the violence and language aren’t overdone. The trailers we’ve seen used footage mostly from the pilot leaving much to be revealed in upcoming episodes. The poor CGI and undeveloped side characters, especially in regards to Raven, bring this down slightly but, overall, DC is off to a good start and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!



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