XO Manowar #19 (New Arc)

XO2017_019_COVER-B_QUAHA new story arc for Valiant’s flagship title begins with an issue from a different perspective.  This issue is told in Colonel Jamie Capshaw’s voice.  She’s the American Military officer tasked with the job of being XO Manowar’s handler, as well as dealing with most other valiant heroes and villains when necessary.

It begins with her career failures, specifically that of the failure in the Harbinger Wars 2 storyline.  She’s told flatly that the only reason she still has a job is because she’s the only person XO trusts.  She’s told she has to convince him to help with a mission otherwise she’s done for good.

She makes her way home only to find her girlfriend walking out on her due to her workaholic personality.  Her narration remains strong and resolute, but is contrasted by silent tears in a shower shown through the Juan Jose Ryp’s beautiful artwork.

She manages to convince Aric of Dacia (XO Manowar) to join her on her mission to Australia.  It is here we first see the mysterious object they were sent to investigate.  This object is one first revealed to the Valiant universe in the title Eternity, a sequel to Divinity, one of Valiant’s most successful titles.

This inclusion of the Eternity storyline should excite any fan of Valiant and certainly sets the table for a great storyline.  Whether this storyline continues to be told from Capshaw’s perspective will be interesting to see.  Her voice is a welcome addition to the XO title and begins to paint a kinship between herself and Aric that hasn’t been obvious before.  Matt Kindt continues to excel under Valiant and I’m excited to see where this goes next.


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