Murder Falcon #1​

UnknownIt’s Time To Get The Band Back Together.

The Earth is in Peril from forces of evil hell-bent on invading from another dimension. All that stands in  Magnum Khaos way from achieving total and complete world domination is Jake, his guitar and a massive anthropomorphic falcon with a deadly robotic arm.

Murder Falcon, is a new series from Creator/Artist/ Writer Daniel Warren Johnson and is currently being published by Skybound and Image comics. The series follows protagonist Jake, a down on his luck loser who’s prospects are at an all-time low. After the loss of his wife to what I can only presume after the first issue was to some kind of illness, jakes life spins out of control. He quits his semi-successful band and seemingly turns his back on the world around him, writing off friends and acquaintances alike. One night on his way home from the local diner Jake is attacked in his apartment by a giant spider monster from another dimension. With a busted guitar being the only thing at his disposal to defend himself, Jake Picks up his broken instrument in order to keep the monster at bay. It’s at that moment with a flash of light and much to Jake’s surprise his guitar is fixed and standing in front of him is a massive anthropomorphic falcon. Declaring that his name is Murder Falcon he begins to engage in battle with the monster. As Murder Falcon is finding himself on the losing end of the battle he cries out for Jake to start playing and that the harder he shreds the stronger Murder Falcon will become. With the imminent threat defeated Murder Falcon declares that in order to save the world its time for Jake to get the band back together.

I found myself hooked by the first issue of Murder Falcon from the moment I opened it up. Daniel Warren Johnson’s unique art style adds great depth that is equally complemented by great storytelling. I absolutely loved the way he was willing to let his art tell the story for him in certain situations that words just wouldn’t do justice. The characters are simple on the outside but feel very complex on the inside allowing you to connect to them right off the bat. Issue one of Murder Falcon is very much driven by heart, emotion, action and most of all the power of metal. I give Murder Falcon #1 3 couch cushions and a throw pillow.3.5

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