Faith Dreamside #1

FAITH_DS_001_COVER-A_SAUVAGEFaith Herbert a.k.a. Zephyr is one of Valiant’s most popular characters, likely because she is the foil for all of us fans.  She’s a huge nerd in love with all things pop culture who just happens to get super powers.  In her new adventure we see her having to hide the superhero that she really is because she was framed for murder.

However, Faith is too genuinely good to let people get hurt in order to protect herself.  She finds herself under arrest after saving a girl from a car accident only to be saved from the police by another hero friend of hers.  This friend is the 15 year old Monica Jim a.k.a. Animalia who needs Faith’s help.

Faith is easily the most genuinely good and sincere character in the Valiant universe and her stories are generally rooted in her having to come face to face with the horrors of the real world.  This new run has the potential to open up a lot of wounds as her and Animalia try to find out why Animalia is being haunted by ghosts.

This story also appears to unite three of Valiant’s strongest female characters in Faith, Animalia, and Dr. Mirage.  All strong and independent in their own right, but the dynamic between the three of them should be very interesting.  And the artwork as always is excellent.  All in all this first issue has me very excited for more.

4 Couch Cushions and A Throw Pillow

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