Errand Boys #1

As an errand boy you are often tasked with doing a job that is dangerous, deadly or just downright illegal, all in the name of making a quick buck. No one knows this life better than one Jace Lopaz. Constantly on the run from aliens, and jumping off skyscrapers, Jace often finds himself in trouble as he is hired to steal items for his new clients and is tasked with delivering them in one piece; something he is only marginally successful at. After receiving the news that his father and stepmother had been killed in an accident, Jace is forced into a position that not even the dangerous life of a Galactic errand boy could prepare him for, being the guardian of his teenage half-brother Tawnk. Now with two mouths to feed Jace has to find a way to incorporate his new role as legal guardian into his current life without getting them both killed.

Issue one of Errand Boys left a lot on the table. Even with its fast pace start it fails in its attempt to generate charm and humor to draw the readers interest to the characters, the world or the going’s on in it. Nikos Koutsis art was a bright spot for me, the depth of each panel and the amount of detail clearly helps to move the story along and cover up some pacing issues.

As a Sci-fi adventure fan, I was excited to get my hands on this book. I was hoping for a new, fresh and original story, but I was disappointed to say the least. After only the first few pages this book felt very familiar, almost like I have read this story before. That’s when I started to make the comparison between the main character Jace and how he was a mixture of Han Solo and Fry from Futurama. The story incorporated aspects of both starting with Jace’s character design, to the fact that he was a galactic delivery boy of sorts right down to the supporting cast. Reading on through the rest of the story comparisons become easier and easier to make. I found the characters stiff and kinda boring not to mention I found the story lacking the ability to draw me in as a reader.

Needless to say, Errand Boys was a book I found myself just as eager to put back on the shelf as I was to pick it up. It’s lack of originality and interesting characters was enough to cause me to lose interest in the book fast. Hopefully with this being the first issue in a 5 issue miniseries Errand Boys can rebound to draw me back in but, for now, this is one space adventure I won’t be going on.

1 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow!!!


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