Issue #41 – AZNerdCast Month with Absolute Geek, Star Wars and Captain America

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Check out another new issue of Couch Crunchers! The month of October is AZNerdcast Month! For the entire month, we will be having special guests from other Arizona based podcast groups on our show and we will, in turn, be featured on theirs. All in the name of spreading nerd love through this great state. This week, Matt and Kyle from @AbsoluteGeekPodcast dropped in and we had a blast talking about Captain America, Star Wars and Batman in a bit more of a structured format than they are used to. Don’t wait! Check out this issue!

The weeks featured band:
Band: Ravagers
Song: “Drowning in Blood”
Album: Drowning in Blood 7″
Label: Spaghetty Town Records

Bandcamp Link:

Check out Absolute Geek Podcast at

and other great Arizona podcasts at
#AZNerdCast #AbsoluteGeekPodcast #CaptainAmerica #StarWars #Batman #Superman #Ravagers #AZNerdcastMonth

Check out this issue!

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