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Mayans PosterOne of my all-time favorite TV shows is Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy. And with the exception of Season 3, the whole Irish stuff, the show was practically perfect. It had enough twist and turns to keep any viewer coming back for more. And I don’t know a single person that didn’t shed a little tear when Opie died for Jax.

Kurt Sutter has since tried a couple of other shows, The Bastard Executioner, Southpaw and The Shield. But honestly, nothing was as successful. There had been rumors of a few different MC shows in the making, The Mayans and The First Nine. Well, The Mayans MC is here. And in all honesty, it feels like a bust.

The latter end of Sons of Anarchy was riddled with drama and emotion. They spent several seasons building up to it, and it worked. Mayans has not spent the time to include drama, and the very first season attempts to play the same note. Because of this, the show feels rushed. Too much shock and awe right out of the chutes can drive viewers away, not towards.

“EZ” is a good character to focus on, however. I like his story, his background, and what apparently is the direction he will be moving toward. He’s likable, and somewhat relatable. He was a good kid who make a mistake and paid (and in some ways is still paying) the price. His relationship with his family is a good connection that grounds the character.

EZ Mayans

They also do a good job showing the improved relationship between The Mayans and The Sons of Anarchy. The Mayans call up the Sons when they are in a bind and the Sons show up to help. However, that’s where the early development ends.

The relationship between EZ and Emily feels super rushed. He’s a little too in love with her still, while in the employ of her husband. They tried to show a brief, quick connection between Emily and EZ, but it doesn’t really build enough of a relationship/connection between the two to warrant the kind of responses from EZ.

While I have faith in Kurt Sutter and in his abilities to direct a good MC show, I have found myself struggling to continue the show. There are too many stories within the story this early in the game. It’s a struggle to keep track of and exhausting for a show that I have not had the time to get invested in.

Thus far, I give Mayans MC two couch cushions and a throw pillow. I hold my official review until the end of Season 1, however. I want to see how Kurt Sutter will tie everything and keep me hooked for the next season.


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