Ninjak #12

When last we saw Colin King a.k.a. Ninjak, he was in Chernobyl trying to find the Undying One who’d stolen the body of his friend Gilad, the Eternal Warrior.  Once there he was faced with a dilemma, the locals had been manipulated by the Undying One and Ninjak did not want to harm people just desperately trying to scrape by.

This issue begins with him on the run from the townspeople trying to find the enemy and avoid having to kill any of the innocents.  He manages to show the townspeople the true nature of the person they believed to be their savior and they turned away, leaving Ninjak alone to face the body of his friend inhabited by the enemy.

This issue continues the themes of this story arc in that it tests Ninjaks newfound moral code.  He’s a man who only recently came to care about other people and he’s conflicted because of these new feelings.  The story remains incomplete but we get to see more of his journey unfold.

The action is exciting and art is good, though the lack of detail (an artistic choice) does sometimes make it difficult to pick up what’s going on.  That said it also forces you to really study the frames and take in the action.  I’m excited to see how this story continues to unfold, however this particular issue did little to add to what occurred in the first issue of this arc.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!


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