Issue #40 – The Deadpool’s Bride, Dark Phoenix, Gambit, and Max is back!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! What is the world is going on at Fox?! Max, The Gamer Guy, visits us from the gritty streets of Coloradoton and makes this one heck of an episode. We’re talking the Fox/Disney merger, DC and Marvel and whats going right or wrong in their cinematic universes, PLUS, some special news about the month of October! Don’t miss this episode! Nerds, Dorks, Geeks… UNITE!

This weeks featured music is by
Band: Tommy & The Commies
Song: Devices
Album: Here Come Tommy and The Commies
Label: Slovenly Recordings

Bandcamp link:

#AZNerdCast #Marvel #Fox #Disney #DC #WarnerBros #Gambit #DarkPhoenix #XMen #NewMutants #Nerds #Dorks #Geeks #BearsBeatsBattlestarGalactica

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One comment

  1. Gambit should never have been even thought of with Channing Tatum in the first place, He cannot play Cajun. He just flat out doesn’t have the acting talent. Taylor Kitsch is a better idea for gambit, but I dunno, I thought he was just ok. Also, make his cards freaking explode for realizes. Oh and what was up with him being able to scale a wall by sticking his broken staff into it?

    Having multiple jokers is freaking stupid. Very few people liked Jared Leto, so drop the guy. Easy peasy. At the same time, going back and making a Joker from a franchise that has finished, even though it was a great franchise, is just plain asinine. What are these people thinking?

    Warner Bros needs to take a play from The Dark Knight Rises and jump without the rope. It’s the only way out of the pit they are trapped in.

    Sorry Lance, I love you, but Ben Affleck wasn’t anything special in Batman Vs. Superman :P. It wasn’t his fault though, it was the content. All he did was go from brooding to more brooding. His character had almost no range. He was a massive amount better in Justice League.


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