Heroes In Crisis – Part 1

Heroes in Crisis CoverBooster Gold, enjoy coffee in some cafe in Nebraska, finds himself getting into a fist fight with…Harley Quinn. After making a small patriotic reference to Peach Pie smelling like America, she whips out her knife and proceeds to stab Booster Gold. The best part about it…when she’s knocked off of him, she smears his blood from the knife under her eyes and proceeds to attack Booster ferociously. Her attacks seem like literally nothing more than scratches though, when Booster Gold finally decides that it’s over and takes Harley to the Halls of Justice.

We already knew Harley was crazy, so it should not come as any surprise. But the intro monologue of her talking about how she should’ve treated her “traumatized” patients from her previous life, combined with her blood smearing fight with Booster, man she’s hardcore. It’s no wonder she’s quickly become one of the most loved villains in the DC Universe.

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman all come across a gruesome scene of slaughter and death. Hot Spot (Isaiah Crockett), former member of the Teen Titans and Titans, is confirmed dead. Sanctuary has been destroyed. Upon entering the house, the onslaught is pretty traumatic. Tragically, it appears one of our favorite superheroes, Flash (Wally West), is dead as well.

Gruesome Scene HIC 1

Understand that Sanctuary is a robot build by Kryptonian technology. It has Batman’s determination and will, Wonder Woman’s compassion, and Superman’s honor. It’s the perfect combination of healing technology to ensure that any and all superheroes can receive treatment.

The Flash Dead

The dramatic point of this story comes when, even with the threat of her own death, Harley Quinn stabs Booster Gold mid-flight and they both fall to the Earth. Booster is pissed at Harley, blaming her for the attack on Sanctuary. Harley, of course, denies. But given her history of violence and craziness, as referenced above, when she denies credit and puts it on Booster Gold, who do we believe? Is Booster the “Superhero We’ve Never Heard Of” because he’s a good guy? Only time will tell us.

This first part of the Heroes in Crisis laid some good foundation work for the remainder of the series. There’s only 6 more issues remaining, which means things are going to unravel real quick. And as for Batman and the rest of the Justice League, they’ve found their reasons for Vengeance rather than Redemption. Things are about to get ugly in the DC Universe.

As a sneak peek to the comic, we are also given a sneak peek of the next Green Lantern. It’s only a few page preview, but if your a fan of the Green Lantern, you have reason to be excited.

Heroes In Crisis #1 gets 4 Couch Cushions


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