Harry Potter vs. The Honeymoon

It occurred to me recently that Harry Potter has a farther reach than almost any other story. It resonates with people of all ages and beliefs, which is why I wanted to take some time to brag about my trip to London. More specifically, my trip to the Warner Bros. Studio in London.


My Husband and I were gifted a decent sum of money for our wedding, which we decided to spend on an awesome honeymoon we’d never forget! So, we spent it all on a trip to London! Our favorite part was definitely the Warner Bros. Studio. Over half our photos are from this 3 hour trip. I have no regrets.

One thing to consider if you’re going to make this trip is that this is the Studio. Therefore, there are very few things you’re allowed to touch or interact with. It’s basically a museum of all things Harry Potter related, and that was exactly what I wanted for the trip because I have always been fascinated with the way that films are produced. Just… be warned. No touchy.

Anyway, we arrive at the place, and because it was the beginning of March, we were literally the only people on our tour. So, the guides were able to spend all their time answering our questions and goofing off because their only audience was two nerdy American people trying to take selfies in the mirror of Erised. They thought we were so special that they brought out the actual prop of Tom Riddle’s Diary.

If you’re going, I definitely recommend going in the off-season. You get more attention and get to see cooler stuff.

Now I’m gonna spam you with pictures cause it was just so freaking cool!

Here’s the thing, though. Unpopular opinion. Take a deep breath….. I actually enjoyed Harry Potter World at Universal Studios almost as much.

Yes, the detail on the props in London is unbelievable! Yes, Daniel Radcliffe did touch this. Yes, those wands are the real wands they used, and the real braziers in the movie, and the real stones they all walked on from year 1 to year 10. However, although you get to “ooh” and “ahh” over how incredibly gorgeous everything is, you don’t get to experience it the way that you do in Universal Studios. (Pictures below)

The fact is that Warner Bros. Studios is just that, a studio. Whereas the sky above the castle at Harry Potter World is real. Sitting down at an actual wooden table in the Three Broomsticks and smelling the roasted chicken and pumpkin juice is as close as we can get to the real thing.

I’d never trade the amazing experience of seeing the world of Harry Potter for anything. Being in London and drinking Butterbeer while standing on the platform to the Knight Bus was truly a dream come true, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I recommend London in general to everyone. It’s a magical city with detail and history that you couldn’t explore if you lived there forever.


But if you can’t afford the lofty plane ticket to jolly old London, hop on over to Universal Studios. As someone who has been to both, I can tell you that experiencing the world is nearly as good as seeing it up close.


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