Jack Ryan S01 E08: Inshallah

Welcome back Crunchers! We made it to the Jack Ryan finale everyone! Let’s Crunch this!

The beginning of the episode focuses on hyping up the suspense and desperation of the situation that our protagonists are in. This is what you would normally expect from a finale and they do a great job with that. Suleiman is putting together his schemes as usual and at least at first, it seems that the damage that he can do is picking up more and more if he plans succeed.

Pretty soon though, the episode unfortunately goes a little bit sour. There has been this huge build, from Suleiman going through all of this trouble rising to power in the middle east, digging up corpses to obtain near impossible to beat viruses, and in the finale, he obtains even more lethality. After all of this, we finally learn what his endgame is, and it is so underwhelming! Almost all of the suspense dissipates, and you are left wondering why he did all of this. Why did he go through so much trouble for this one thing when there would have been so many less difficult and more efficient ways of doing it? This was a huge let down for me as the culmination of the series led to events that were astronomically smaller than they could have been.

To top it off there wasn’t anything between Suleiman and Ryan at the end. In episode one they did a great job of having that interaction between the characters and it was built up further in the season to the point that Suleiman promises Ryan that he will kill him. Then at the end of the season it’s just over. There is no satisfying closing to that rivalry.

The episode had the same high quality as the rest of the episodes in terms of acting and immersing you in Jack Ryan’s world. The way the government reacts to situations, as well as the way that people react to situations, is done in a very real-world kind of way that has made the whole season feel immersive. Also, the relationship that has been built between Ryan and Greer really turns out well in my opinion.

Overall, I felt like this episode was a huge let down, especially compared to the rest of the season. There was just so much hype and way too much suspense built up for things to end the way that they did. I really hope that they learn from this season and do something great with the next one.

2 Out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow


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