Get To Know Batwoman Before Her Live Action Debut!

Greetings Crunchers! Perhaps you’ve heard that DC Comic’s Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose) is set to appear on the CW Network’s big superhero TV show crossover this year and possibly be getting her own series after that. Well for those of you who have no idea who she is, that’s OK! No need to cut one of the corners off your nerd card! She’s not a character who’s exactly been front and center in the DC Extended Universe. She’s had had her own comic book series on and off since 2010, has been in the Justice League and been the focal point lately in Detective Comic’s Rebirth comic books. Below is a brief Batwoman synopsis and after you’re all read up, I think you’ll find she’s a pretty cool character in her own right.

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Batwoman was created by writer Edmond Hamilton along with artist Sheldon Moldoff.  Her first appearance was in Detective Comics #233 way back in 1956.  But like many of the characters that came out way back then, she’s undergone many, many changes. She’s had a few different origin stories written for her too. In fact, the only thing that’s really the same is the Batwoman name!

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First and foremost Batwoman is not the same as Batgirl, let’s get that out of the way. She’s not Batgirl all grown up or anything. Batwoman’s real name is Kate Kane.  Like Bruce Wayne, she’s grown up in Gotham City and her family is also wealthy.  Both of her parents were in the Military and dabbled in the intelligence game after they retired. Tragedy also struck the Kane family when Kate’s mother and twin sister were kidnapped and murdered on a trip in Europe.

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After that, Kate decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps and go to West Point Military Academy where she was considered to be an exemplary student and received high marks. Yes, Kate is gay but it’s not some dopey clumsy shtick the writers added to make her stand out. Kate’s sexuality plays a big part in her character. After she was caught having a relationship with a fellow officer at West Point, she was expelled.

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Life wasn’t looking very good for Kate at this point. After returning to Gotham City she began to drown her sorrows and became a bit of a boozehound. One night when she was walking down a dark alley drunk as a skunk she was attacked by muggers. Kate managed to fight them off best she could but that’s when she met Batman for the first time. He appeared and helped Kate fight them off and helped the muggers not get killed by Kate! She was so taken by Batman that it was right there and then that she decided vigilantism was the career path for her.

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Her father (who was always supportive of Kate even after getting tossed out of West Point) fully supported her new found interest in being a vigilante. So he sent her all around the world and fully financed her to train for a few years, calling in favors form his Special Forces buddies from his time in the military.  Consequently Batwoman’s abilities pretty much mirror Batman’s and her family’s wealth also rivals that of the Wayne’s.  So she’s got all those “wonderful toys” as well!

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One of the biggest differences between Batman and Batwoman however is that Batwoman can be a little abrasive and hard to handle at times. She has a very strong personality and isn’t afraid to tell it exactly how she thinks it. That sometimes puts her at odds with Batman because if Kate Kane thinks she’s right about something, she’ll do what it takes to do it, no matter who stands in her way. That doesn’t exactly make her the best team player but it certainly keeps things interesting!

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