Jack Ryan S01E07: The Boy Review

Welcome back Crunchers! Holy crap Suleiman’s kids cause a lot of problems, but at least we have Jack Ryan to clean up the mess. We are almost to the end of the season, and there is a lot happening. That said, let’s Crunch this!

Let’s dispense with the bad stuff. What could it be? Oh yeah, the dumb relationship with Dr. Mueller. It gets more drama filled in this episode which really didn’t need to happen. However, Cathy Mueller does actually end up having some significance to the story, so at least that is something.

Suleiman is proving that he can simultaneously be on the run and still implement his plans. In fact, he can use it to his advantage. He’s a very adaptable and strong-willed villain, and that really shines through in this episode.

Jack Ryan keeps exceeding the expectations of all of his superiors. It’s kind of funny how he just keeps doing things that are above his station, and everyone is excepting it because he’s obviously the expert needed for the operation.

Hanin and her girls have gotten a sweet setup at a safehouse and are apparently getting the royal treatment. Unfortunately, this causes unforeseen complications and causes real issues for Jack, Greer, and the rest of the crew.

Overall, this was a good episode, albeit somewhat slow. There are some highlights with Ryan doing his thing and seeing how the story is coming together was fairly satisfying. It was probably my least favorite episode thus far, but still definitely enjoyable. Go check it out Crunchers!

3 Out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow


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