Review – Fantastic Four – Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four Issue 1 couch crunchers aznerdcastA good storyteller can really grab your attention, pull at your heartstrings and keep you wanting more. That’s exactly what Dan Scott has done with Marvel Comics Fantastic Four (2018). The story pick up long after the end of the Secret Wars. The Fantastic Four are now the Fantastic Two, Thing and Human Torch. They have been waiting for Reed to send them a sign that he and his family are alright, but nothing has arrived.

Suddenly, a giant hoax is played on the remaining members, and they are thrust back into the disappointing realization that they still remain the Fantastic Two. Thing, upon deep reflection, realizes that it is a disservice to Reed to simply wait for his return. He decides to take action into his own hands and makes a bold, life changing move. This choice forces Human Torch to quickly accept that Reed and Susan Storm and their family are gone.

The comic ends with a promising sign that there may be a return of Reed and Susan; the cosmic hope that Human Torch and Thing have been waiting for these long years. But, did this sign just reveal more than Mr. Fantastic was hoping?! Did he put his family in more danger?! I’m excited to find out what happens.

There’s some surprise visits from popular Marvel Universe Characters as well, complete with famous catchphrases!

The online version the story alludes to the fact that Reed and Susan have sent “A clarion call-to-arms that summons Doctor Doom!” What all could this mean?

The artwork of the story by Simone Bianchi, Sara Pichelli and Skottie Young has a very familiar feel to it, reminding me of the Fantastic Four stories of old. This artwork, combined with the story-telling abilities of Dan Slott reminded me of earlier days of reading the Fantastic Four comics, adding validity to Marvel’s saying “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine Is Back!” This story adaption does a good job making me feel like Marvel may have returned to its roots with this one.

I give the Fantastic Four (2018) Issue #1 four couch cushions out of five.


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