Justice League Dark – DC Comics – Review

Justice League Dark - Couch Crunchers AZNerdCastIf you’ve ever heard me speak or read a review, you know that I love the darker side of our culture. Which is probably why I’m so drawn to DC Comics. I recently picked up the new DC Universe Justice League Dark issues #1 and 2. All I have to say is, WHOA!

I feel like the JLDark has always been a solid comic in the DC line-up. It’s a perfect collection of anti-heroes and anti-villains that join forces for the common good of Earth (even the bad guys know that if Earth is completely destroyed, they lose their playground). These characters are the ones playing with the supernatural side of the universe, messing with powers and forces that are, often times, beyond their control and understanding. (John Constantine, for example, and the reasoning why he does what he does).

The new DC Universe variant of Justice League Dark starts out with Diana, our Wonder Woman, trying to recruit members to the JLDark. After unsuccessful attempts, she is at a bar with another companion, Bobo the Detective Chimp. If you’ve not met Bobo before, you’re in for a treat. He’s a fantastic character, and adds quite a bit of value to the JLDark. He agrees to go with Diana and returns to the JLDark hq, where we see ManBat, in his calmed/relaxed state, actively working and trying to repair his name after the unfortunate events including Batman from years past.

Zatanna and Swamp Thing are visited by a rather special visitor to Zatanna, and they quickly realize that they need Diana and those who are in the Dark League in order to save the world and prevent the loss of Magic all together. They meet up with Diana just in time to save her, Bobo and Manbat from a terrible fate. A fate that has a direct relationship to the news that Zatanna and Swamp Thing were there to report on. Together with John Constantine, they all set out to stop an imminent threat and save the world of magic.

This series is better than I expected it to be! I love the addition of Bobo and I think that Manbat adds a unique dynamic between the leaguers that will make the series very interesting in the future. I really look forward to continuing this series.

The talented Alvaro Martinez (Detective Comics, Batman & Robin Eternal) and Raul Fernandez (Detective Comics, Aquaman Futures End) continue to show-off their artistic talents with renderings of James Tynion’s (Batman Eternal, Constantine: The Hellblazer) fantastic story-telling.

If you haven’t checked out the Justice League Dark before but have always wanted to, or if you’re looking for something good to read with a captivating story, I strongly recommend that you look into Justice League Dark!

I give the Justice League Dark, issues 1-2, 4 Couch Cushions each.


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