Jack Ryan S01E05: End of Honor Review

Welcome all you Crunchers! Jack Ryan is at it again, which means so are we! Let’s Crunch this!

This episode is called End of Honor. It’s named after a video game used as a means of communication between the villainous brothers of the show. I’m sure that choosing a game with that title was no accident by them. Some of Suleiman’s actions in the last episode were certainly without honor but did a great job of continuing to make him a compelling bad guy. This episode takes it further. Suleiman shows his compassion to his people and that he has incredibly strong leadership qualities. At times I found myself liking him, but then having to remember that he is also a terrible murderer.

Hanin is still struggling to save her children by fleeing the country. Her performances have all been stellar thus far and her importance to the series is becoming much clearer, which in my opinion is making the show that much more intriguing. Initially even though I think Dinah Shihabi (Hanin) is great at her role, I wasn’t a fan of how much they were focusing on Suleiman’s family and wanted more Jack Ryan. With a bigger picture of the overall arc of the story coming into view, I am much happier with how things have gone on that front.

As strong of a character Suleiman is, Ryan is great at finding chinks in armor. He does an awesome job finding weaknesses and exploiting them and watching him operate is a huge part of what makes this show awesome. There are some really cool scenes that show off his talents this time around.

This was a fantastic episode. One thing that is bugging me more and more though is this relationship that Ryan has with Dr. Mueller. She is just a really bland character, and her part in this episode made my eyes do a full 360 roll. However, even some of the other side characters of the show once again shine here. Go check it out Crunchers!


4 Out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!



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