Jack Ryan S01E04 – The Wolf

Welcome back Tom Clancy fans! Its time to get back to talking about our main man Jack Ryan! Let’s Crunch this!

The relationship that Ryan has with French girl (Sandrine), who has basically become his partner at this point, is one of the high points of the episode. She has kind of a socially carefree attitude that I find refreshing. She calls out Ryan for being dumb, which he needs every once in a while.

One thing that I think is weird about this show is that Ryan is really into this girl that he met for like a second before taking off in a helicopter back in E1. He is all about her after one very brief exchange. I mean she’s only a doctor, it’s not like she’s the receptionist or something.

Suleiman is rising to power and really starting to show how dangerous he is. He’s very smart and calculated, which ads substance to his character.  He makes some moves that really show that he is bold and as BA as Baracus. Ok so nobody is as BA as Baracus, you get me. Some really great intense scenes come from his antics this episode.

Ryan and Sandrine are narrowing their search for Suleiman’s brother, and things get a little intense. It was definitely the most emotional part of the show so far for me, in a sad way.

This was a really solid episode. It brings up the intensity in terms of violence and both Ryan and Suleiman really step up their game making the stakes get start to get higher. Make sure you see this one Crunchers!

5 Out of 5 Couch Cushions!



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