Jack Ryan S01E03 – Black 22

Welcome Back Crunchers! Another day means another Jack Ryan review! This show continues to prove just how awesome it is! If you haven’t started watching it, then it is time to get on the ball! Let’s jump into it!

I am going to start with the bad in this one, but I only really have one major issue. There was a super weird scene in a casino. I’m really not sure what the scene had to do with the overall plot at this point. I’m sure that more will be revealed on this later, but for now it was kinda disturbing and really didn’t seem necessary.

Jack Ryan is following the results of the aftermath at the end of episode 2. Suleiman’s brother Ali (floats like a butterfly stings like a bee), is on the run with a bullet wound and Jack is hot on his heels. Ryan is able to find the way that the baddies are communicating and it helps to track them down and give them that little boost of intel that they need. The writers have really put creative thought into the way the bad guys are operating and which definitely gives the more depth.

The episode continues to show Suleiman’s family life is really jacked up. There is a lot of focus on Suleiman’s wife Hanin, played by Dina Shihabi. I don’t think that I have ever seen her in anything before, but she has some of the best performances in the show, playing the scared wife trying to protect her children from a crazy dude.

This episode had a different kind of intensity that we have seen in the last two episodes. There aren’t any real major action sequences, but you are still left on the edge of your seat for much of it. Go check it out Crunchers!

Four out of Five Couch Cushions!


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