Jack Ryan S01E02 – French Connection

Welcome back Crunchers! We are continuing our journey through the world of Jack Ryan! Today we will be talking about episode two, French Connection. This episode slows things down a bit, but not necessarily in a bad way. We get a better look at Suleiman and his family. A good amount of the episode veers from focusing on Ryan and builds on not only the role of other characters, but it is also meant to build upon the investment that we have in certain characters as the audience.

We start to learn that Suleiman is one shady, and yet conflicted dude. His household is in more trouble than he knows and the people he is mixed up with are some really bad guys. However, he does seem to be a character that thinks that he is the good guy. He is the type of villain that seems like his followers will be loyal to him, not only because he pays them, but because they will also believe in his cause. At this point, we aren’t really sure exactly what his intentions are, only that we know he is motivated by the bombing that he and his brother survived as kids.

Jack Ryan’s character has some developments that are changing the status quo a little bit. His talents are being recognized and it seems like it is making him a little bit more bold. His social and professional relationships are starting to see some changes that I think are going to define his character later on in the series and possibly even bring to light some new bad guys. Just a guess on that, but time will tell.

Even though the episode is a tad slower than episode 1, there is still some decent action toward the end as the operation brings Jack over international waters to France. There he is greeted by a fiery redhead, who I assume is going to play a greater part in the series considering how strong her personality seems to be right off the bat. The episode ends on a pretty serious cliffhanger, which definitely makes you want to keep on binging.

Overall, I feel like this episode came in strong with great character and relationship development. It did have some focus on characters that I wasn’t super interested in, but that is just me and they may have a more significant impact on the story later on than we can see right at this moment. Definitely a good episode Crunchers, go check it out!

4 Out of 5 Couch Cushions!


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