Jack Ryan S01E01 – Just an Analyst

Hello again Crunchers! It’s the moment we have been waiting for! Time to analyze (see what I did there?) the biggest Tom Clancy event of the year! That’s right! Jim has been reincarnated as Jack Ryan. A role that has been filled by some of the greats! Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, and now John Krasinski is throwing his hat in the ring! I will be reviewing the show one episode at a time, so we will be talking a lot about it and I would love to see what you all are thinking! So, make sure to comment below. Alright, let’s twist this!

Just a brief background on the history of Jack Ryan for those of you who are new to the character. Tom Clancy often uses Jack Ryan as his main character in his novels. He is an analyst that got thrown into situations far beyond what a normal analyst would see. For those of you who have read the novels, I will apologize, I have not read them. I have seen all of the movies however, and they are great! I recommend checking them out.

A very normal recurring theme with Jack Ryan is that he is the analyst that sees what nobody else sees. You would think that it would become redundant, but it just makes him awesome, and honestly, it’s what fans love about the character. He’s the guy that has to stick it to the man and get things done because if he doesn’t, the world will basically implode.

Episode one really sets the tone for this season. It does not take long to realize that the cast they assembled was spot on! All of the acting is fantastic. Even the side characters that may only have a few lines are very believable. The relationships between the characters are built in a fantastic way. There is some camaraderie. What really shines in the show thus far is that it finds a great balance of having strained relationships even between the good guys, but not to the point where the show feels like a drama instead of the great action/suspense series that it is.

Watching the first episode made me feel like the first time jumping into 24 season 1. Not that they are the same show, but its intrigue and intensity are on a similarly high level. There are twists and turns, there’s action, and there are scenes where you will find yourself thinking holy crap that just happened! One thing to note about the show is that there are a lot of subtitles to read because a good number of characters are from the middle east and speak their native language. Also, some early reports showed that the show was TV-14, but it is definitely TV-MA. So keep that in mind with the kiddos! Overall, the first episode was fantastic! Check it out Crunchers!


5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!


The show also gets the Couch Crunchers “Certified Grade A Buffoonery” approval!


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