4 Bingeworthy Fantasy Series That You May Not Have Seen.

What is up Crunchers?! Are you endlessly scrolling through new shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu? Well I am here to help my friends! These aren’t brand new series, but they just may be new to you! Now just sit back and relax as I bring to you a list chalk full of prophesied destiny, magic, Kung Fu, and last but not least…. Dragons! Let’s twist this!


Legend of the Seeker!

Legend of theSeeker

Based on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, Legend of the seeker was a really fun action filled adventure series. It follows the story Richard Cypher, a farm boy destined to save the world from an evil tyrant. He travels with the greatest Wizard on the planet, and an incredibly beautiful confessor (someone who can tell if people are lying, and force people to fall in love with them for life.). Along their journey they are constantly are stopping along the way to help people in need, and busting up bad guys before getting to main baddie. The series had a cult following, but unfortunately didn’t get enough viewership to last beyond 2 seasons, but even though the series does leave some questions, it wraps up pretty decently at the end of season 2. You can binge it now on Hulu. Check it out Crunchers!


Robin Hood!

Robin Hood

Deep in the Heart of England, there lives a legend. Brought to you buy our beloved BBC, this show is a great take on the Robin Hood story. They did a great job with the casting all around, and the show does a fantastic job with character development. Jonas Armstrong does fits the role perfectly playing a Robin Hood returning home from the crusades due to an injury suffered in the field, Lucy Griffiths plays a very likeable and capable Maid Marian, and the Fantastic Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield; The Hobbit) plays Guy of Gisborne (the Sherriff’s right-hand man). It’s a slightly different take on Robin Hood, but it definitely still has a strong emphasis on the robbing from the rich and giving to the poor theme that we expect from the Robin Hood story. The first few episodes have a couple of redundant civilian saves from Robin Hood and sometimes the show ads a few things like goofy needless backflips, but overall the show is pretty great. The series was 3 seasons long, and you can binge them all on Hulu. Check it out funk soul brothas! (and sisters of course!)



This second gem, also from BBC, is a fantastic new take on the King Arthur tale focused on a teenage Merlin helping Arthur realize his destiny. Arthur’s father (the current King) has a huge vendetta against those who use magic, which makes things very complicated for Merlin. The relationship between Merlin and Arthur really makes the show. The cast is spot on here as well. Most of the cast, I was previously unfamiliar with, but Katie McGrath who plays Morgan is also known for roles in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Supergirl, and Jurassic World. She does a great job playing the conflicted sister of King Arthur. The way that the series progresses with the growth of the character’s and the formation of Camelot is done in a really great way. This is a show that I highly recommend. Watch now on Netflix. Delve into the world of Magic Crunchers!


Into the Badlands!

Into The Badlands

Do you like Kung Fu?! Then look no further! Into the Badlands is a lot different show than all of the ones previously mentioned, but in an awesome way. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world and an area called the badlands is ruled by different ever-feuding barons. The baron that is focused on most (Quinn) has what are called Clippers.  Clippers are basically the military, police force, and team of assassins that work for Quinn. The story is focused around our hero Sunny (Daniel Wu) who is the most notorious Clipper in the Badlands. Sunny ultimately wants to make it out of the Badlands with his pregnant girlfriend. The show consists of a lot of political maneuvering, mind games, and a whole lot of brutal Kung Fu. Into the Badlands is the only show that I have mentioned that is still running. It is on its midseason break in season 3. You can currently catch the first 2 seasons on Netflix, and the first half of season 3 on amc.com. This is another one that I definitely recommend Crunchers! If you have not seen it, then its Crunch Time!

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