Mission Impossible: Fallout Review


Six movies in and somehow Tom Cruise hasn’t lost a step. The action is just as amazing as ever and the story surprisingly good. It brings the laughs, fun, combat and amazing stunts of all the films before it while offering up a great villain without enough development.

Fallout is a true to form spy movie and contains just about everything you can expect from a spy movie. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing it also doesn’t make it stand out either. The acting is top notch from all parts. Cavill, in particular, demonstrates his affinity for action and ability to play a great spy. Calls for him to be the new Bond are legitimized by his performance here.


The supporting cast brings back the classic Luthor for the entirety of the film as well as Simon Pegg’s Benji. Unfortunately Brandt played by Jeremy Renner is absent here despite playing a good sized role in the previous two films. Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) returns as the skilled English Intelligence assassin. Her story arc is interesting though some moments were awkward. I won’t go into detail as they would spoil some major plot elements. Her chemistry with Cruise is obvious and I expect to see even more of her in the undoubted sequel.


While the story is decent and Cavill a great addition to the franchise, the “twists” are predictable and anti climactic. The villain of the film is made less menacing as a result which is a shame as the character and actor portraying the role were fantastic. Other aspects of the story bring some amazing results however such as moments here Hunt is under cover as a criminal. The bathroom fight seen in the trailer is a highlight of the film and showcases Cruise and Cavill’s strengths as action heroes. Both actors perform incredible stunts and action that has become commonplace in Mission Impossible films.  Even still, the stunts are extremely impressive.


The Mission Impossible franchise had always set itself up to be something you can watch without needing to see any previous entries and this is one of Fallout’s biggest flaws. In a franchise like the MCU, viewers expect to see a connection between the films and a need to know the story of the universe. The Mission Impossible franchise has not been that way overall. Returning characters and some subtle hints to other movies are there but generally you don’t need to know everything. In this latest film, I found myself lost on multiple occasions because I didn’t know a story point, callback to a previous film or more.


Adrenaline pumping action, decent story, great stunts and a stellar supporting cast make Mission Impossible Fallout a film that should be seen in theaters. I highly recommend you freshen up on the plot of the franchise, specifically the 3rd and 5th entries in the series. Fallout is a direct continuation of Rogue Nation and has a major plot that ties into the third film. It makes it hard to follow if you aren’t current on the films. Despite this, it is worth the watch and highly entertaining. Tom Cruise is fantastic as always, Henry Cavill is a force to be reckoned with and the rest of the supporting cast brings humor, fun and much more to the film. Regardless of flaws, Mission Impossible Fallout is one of the best action films to come out in some time.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!!


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