The Arcane Awakening #1 – Review

Arcane Awakening 1 Cover

Every year, I walk the exhibitor hall at Phoenix Fan Fest. I walk each row, looking at the different booths, vendors, displays and artists work. I’m not in search of anything in particular, except good comics. It was a few hours before closing time and I was hopeful I would find one last comic series to read. That’s when I stumbled upon Dominic Riggio’s booth, with Mess Bucket Comics.

As I fumbled through a few pages of display books that Dominic had out, he looked up from the gear he was packing up and asked if I’d ever heard this story. When I answered no, he jumped up and began to explain the characters to me. He flipped through a couple of pages in a sketch book he had out. After a few minutes of talking, Dominic signed The Arcane Awakening Books 1-3, a picture of Morris Jones, one of the Arcane Warriors, and we said our goodbyes.

Arcane Awakening 1 Page 1I’ve now read The Arcane Awakening, issues 1-3, several times. This review pertains to Issue 1. I’ll subsequently post reviews on the other issues in the near future.

This story starts out with a summoning. Arcane Warriors and Demonic Blight Warriors have been summoned for the final battle of mankind. These warriors were chosen because of their lineage and ancestry. Arcane Warriors come from an ancestry of strong, Christian believers. The Demonic Blight come from a long line of evil, the leader being a direct descendant of Adolf Hitler.

The Demonic Blight use manipulation and word play to try to deceive mankind into believing that Arcane Warriors are going to destroy them. They use the same trickery and deceit of their supreme leader, Lucifer himself, to persuade mankind not to trust the Arcane Warriors and to flee from them for their lives.

At the end of the story, the Arcane Prophecy, which are basically the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, appear to help usher mankind into its final era, whether it be good or bad.

This story has a very familiar feel. It’s the traditional God vs. the Devil story. Each side has their champions, and the winner takes all. As you read this book, you can definitely feel that the stage is being set for the big battle to take place.

I thoroughly enjoyed this comic book. The story is entertaining, and does enough that it made me want to continue.

I give this issue 4 couch cushions!4-out-of-5-small

Stay tuned for my future reviews of Issues 2 and 3.

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