Harbinger Wars 2 #3 – Review

HW2_003_PRE-ORDER_GIORELLOThis story focuses very heavily on Bloodshot and the control that Livewire has taken over him. It starts out with Bloodshot taking control of the Loveboat and begins a campaign to take control and ground the ship. We learn through this interaction, however, that he is indeed technologically connected to Livewire. Him becoming psycho and going on a campaign to destroy the Loveboat worked out in the favorite of the teens from Valiant High.

While on this campaign, Ninjak and X-O Manowar are engaging in a battle with the same group of teens. They don’t realize that they’re actually all after the same thing. Their battle is not going well when X-O Manowar is called off to go to the Loveboat to stop it from grounding and destroying the country. Upon his arrival, he sees the carnage that Bloodshot has left behind. He comes across Bloodshot, who does not recognize him as friend or foe. Livewire tries to convince Bloodshot that Aric may be an ally, and to not attack. However, Bloodshots too in the moment, and too hardwired to see everyone as a threat, that he begins to attack Aric.

The fight between Aric and Bloodshot comes to an end when Livewire reprograms the nanites in Bloodshot, and she gains controls of the Loveboat. Despite his best attempts, it appears as though Aric is going to lose this battle, and will probably die in the destruction of the Loveboat. Will he survive? And what of the relationship now between Ninjak and the Valiant High heroes? We’ll have to wait for the last issue of Harbinger Wars 2, issue #4.

I give this comic book 4 couch cushions. It’s a good continuation of the story, however I would’ve liked a little more story. It felt a little rushed. I’m still very excited to see what the final has in store for us!4-out-of-5-small

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